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Have you ever felt “sandwiched” between the pressures of caring for an older parent and raising your own family?

If so, you are part of a unique group of people known as the “Sandwich Generation.” These are adults who are juggling the roles of caring for their own families (including minor children) and aging parents at the same time.

The emotional, physical and financial strains experienced by those in the Sandwich Generation can be overwhelming and paralyzing.

You may wonder…

“Will mom or dad lose their home?”

“What happens to an inheritance or remaining assets?”

“How do we choose between in-home, assisted living and nursing home care?”

“What if my mom or dad wants to stay home but takes a turn for the worse?” 

“Is there a responsible way to protect any assets?”

“What can be protected for the healthy spouse still at home?”

“What happens if we run out of money?”

“How do we get public benefits and will they be enough to pay for all the help we need?”

…and perhaps you don’t know where to turn for answers.


The legal and financial strategies you will find in this guide are designed to help you plan ahead and and stay in control when facing such difficult decisions. You will discover a wide variety of options that are available for your family that will give you peace of mind and confidence during a challenging time.

While life may seem overwhelming and chaotic at the moment, turning the tables and gaining the upper hand again concerning your parents’ care is easier than you think.

Solid legal planning is the key to helping your parents receive the best care possible without sacrificing your own family’s financial security. This guide will help you fill in the missing pieces of your current care plan.

When you download this free e-book, you will also discover:

Remember, sickness, memory loss or incapacity from a stroke or other condition can happen without warning. Don’t wait to get a rock-solid plan in place to protect your parents and make your job as a caregiver as easy as possible.

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