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Is a loved one in a nursing home? Are you contemplating financial assistance but afraid of potentially losing what you worked so hard to gain? Do you sometimes struggle, feel overwhelmed, frustrated and confused? There’s hope…

You may be able to obtain financial assistance, including
Medi-Cal, to cover the growing costs of caring for an aging loved one.

You will learn little-known strategies that may save you from needless heartaches, protect your family’s financial security and prevent the potential loss of any hard-earned assets… including your lifesavings!

The decision to move a family member or loved one into a nursing home is one of the toughest and most difficult decisions you can ever make. Over time, caring for an aging or disabled loved one can seriously deplete your energy, your time and, of course, your bank account. (I see it all too often in my elder-law practice!)

But that’s not all. If that person suffers from a recent health issue (such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer), or from a degenerative disease (such as memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s), that difficulty can be easily compounded. Plus, if you don’t know your rights and the different steps you can take right now, that difficulty can expand drastically. For example…

  • Your nursing home bills can snowball out of control;
  • Your entire lifesavings can be drained if left unprotected;
  • Your income and standard of living can be seriously threatened;
  • And in some cases your family home and other hard-earned assets can be lost.

My firm, Estate Planning Law Center, is dedicated to helping families who are overwhelmed or confused by all the decisions they have to make when they have a loved one in a nursing home. If your situation is similar, we can help with little‑known strategies that can protect you and your family with steps you can take right now.

It’s never too late! If your spouse or loved one is in a nursing home, and if you want to put an end to the mind-numbing guesswork and gruntwork that’s usually involved in caring for them, an action plan can be set up. With the right tools, and using my knowledge of the law and strategies that have been successful in the past, we may be able to…

  • Reduce or even eliminate your nursing home bills;
  • Protect your lifesavings and financial security;
  • Increase the amount of income you get to keep;
  • And safely pass on an inheritance to your children.

But I can understand that it may not be enough. If a loved one is in a nursing home right now, or even if you’re merely contemplating nursing home or caregiving services for your loved one, there are several important legal and financial issues that must be addressed as soon as possible.

To encourage you, I am offering you TWO extra resources… Absolutely FREE of charge!

I will send you a special “tips sheet,” The Basics of Medi-Cal, as a quick-start guide that will give you, at a glance, a brief reference of what assets are currently exempt from Medi-Cal. While they are not to be regarded as legal advice, these tips can at least give you a fairly basic understanding of your rights.

Second, you will find a certificate that entitles you to a risk-free, no obligation consultation — with an experienced elder law attorney. While every person is different, in many situations this consultation can uncover specific ways to reduce or even eliminate nursing home bills…

… Sometimes without even “spending down” in order to qualify for Medi-Cal!

Know your rights. To redeem your certificate, or if you have any questions, or even if you simply know of anyone else who might benefit from this timely report at no charge to them, then let me know by calling us today: (818) 292-8160 or send us an E-Mail.

I can explain some of the strategies that smart families use to protect their loved ones right now. If you would like to discuss how this type of planning might benefit you more specifically and in greater detail, please give me a call. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Making informed decisions may become more difficult or even impossible over time. The longer you wait, the greater the risk becomes. But with proper planning, you will ensure that you’ve taken the best steps possible to protect your loved ones and your family’s financial security. Do it now before it’s too late!

If you would like the guidance of a law firm which has helped local families successfully deal with these issues, please call me at Estate Planning Law Center. Call us today (818) 292-8160 or send us an E-Mail. Please contact us today. You have absolutelynothing to lose!

“Do I Qualify For Financial Assistance For Nursing Home Care?”

If you have a spouse or loved one in a nursing home, you may be able to…

  • Reduce or even eliminate your nursing home bills;
  • Protect your life savings you worked so hard to earn;
  • Increase the amount of income you actually get to keep;
  • Pass on an inheritance to your children (without vulnerability);

It’s true! In many situations, there are ways to reduce or even eliminate your nursing home bills — sometimes without even spending down to qualify for financial assistance. Get aFREE, no obligation consultation today to find out! But I know what you may be asking…

“Why a Free Initial Consultation? Do I Really Need One?”

Again, everyone is different. The only real way to know for sure is to arrange for a personal and private consultation with an experienced elder law attorney to see if there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones right now in your specific situation. Every consultation is highly individualized and tailored to every situation specifically.

In our initial consultation together, you will discover if we can help you…

  • Protect your hard-earned assets from growing nursing home costs.The cost of a nursing home (in our area, for example) can be $5,000 per monthor more. In order for a single person to qualify for Medi-Cal, you would have to spend your assets down below $2,000. We may be able to help you protect a substantial amount of your assets (i.e., 40% to 50%).For example, in the case of a married couple, they often have to spend one-half of their assets on nursing home costs before the nursing home spouse can qualify. Again, chances are we can protect more assets than the state would allow you to keep. In some cases, we can even help protect all of your assets without the need to spend down. It just depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. A personal consultation can shed light on this important issue!
  • Protect your most important asset — your family home — from the State?Many people think that if they go on Medi-Cal, they will have to sell their house. Generally (but not always) the house is exempt, and as long as one or both spouses are alive, the property will not need to be sold. Additionally, after the person has been on Medi-Cal and has passed away, the state will come back and try to recover money spent on their behalf. Oftentimes, through proper planning this “estate recovery” can be minimized or avoided.

Set aside more than the “$35 per month” that Medi-Cal allows

When a person qualifies for Medi-Cal, the state allows them to keep $35 per month as a personal needs allowance. Frequently, money can be legally transferred to some of your family members as a way to shelter funds and perhaps even set aside money that can be used, in some cases, for the benefit of the loved one in the nursing home.

  • Redo your estate planning if and when needed Here’s an example of when this is needed. Most of my clients who are married have all of their assets in the name of both spouses. If one spouse then goes into a nursing home, what happens when the “healthy spouse” passes away first? In that case, under the typical estate plan, all of the assets would go to the nursing home spouse, and then would have to be spent down to $2,000.Instead, however, we are often able to redo the estate planning so that if the healthy spouse passes away first, assets can be put into a trust for the benefit of the nursing home spouse and thus protected from Medi-Cal, and then perhaps passed on down to the kids as an inheritance. Again, this is only one example.
  • We Deal with State Medi-Cal agencies so that YOU don’t have to!Dealing with any government body can be a grueling experience for some people. And as a result, many of my clients are afraid of dealing with the State. That’s why we step in and handle those details for you. This provides you with peace of mind knowing someone is looking out for you and your interests.
  • Put an action-plan together… Without any surprises!If the consultation uncovers specific areas where we can certainly help you, you can rest assured knowing that your fee will be a predictable amount — and no extra fees due, no matter how muchextra work there is! No “hidden fees.” No fine print. And no surprises. In fact, after the initial consultation, we can design a plan for you, tell you — right down to the penny! — what it will cost, and then YOUcan decide whether or not this makes sense. If not, there’s absolutely no charge and no further obligation… That’s it!
  • Understand the complexities of the Medi-Cal laws as they apply to YOU!We know what steps to take to maximize the amount that can be protected for your family. We have put together Medi-Cal plans, and know how to work in this complex, complicated and often confusing area — our practice, experience and expertise are concentrated in elder law. This allows us to deal in this area of the law and remain focused on issues that matter to you… Without being distracted.
  • Finally, protect an inheritance for you or your children.Many of our clients, especially those in their golden years, have worked hard all their lives to accumulate what they now have… And desperately want to leave something to the kids. But doing so hastily or inappropriately can make it vulnerable to attack. You can be penalized. In such a case, we may be able to help you accomplish that in a way that protects everyone, even if you, your loved one or your spouse need nursing home care.

All that and more can be determined in your initial no cost, no obligation assessment. You will never know unless you give it a try. There are no surprises, no pressure whatsoever and no need to decide anything right away. It’s up to you.

This certificate entitles you to a FREE initial consultation with Elder Law attorney Richard M. Seff, in order to determine if there are steps you can take right now to: 1) reduce or even eliminate your nursing home bills, and 2) protect your assets and the family home. Here’s how to redeem your certificate today…

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