Beyond The Living Trust Advanced Level Planning

There may be a gaping hole in your estate plan, one that you are not aware of. This hole is large enough for the IRS to drive their “Brinks truck” through! Or for unscrupulous third-party “predators” to sneak through to grab your assets!

You see, we have handled a great number of trusts after our clients have passed away, and we have learned a big lesson that applies to many of these estates:

The failure to build the next level of your estate plan can result in tremendous financial and emotional suffering for you and your loved ones. We are not just talking about estate taxes — which, by the way, is in constant flux depending on the political winds and needs to be monitored for its potential (devastating) effect on your estate.
We are talking about:

Building your wealth right now, by cutting your Income Taxes!
Protecting real estate and other valuable assets from Lawsuits!
Selecting the right person with the best leadership and management skills to manage your real estate and other investments when you are disabled or gone.
Keeping your loved ones from fighting with the selected manager about the management of your real estate and other investments when you are gone.
Preventing one disgruntled or greedy beneficiary from forcing fire sales of your assets regardless of what the others want!
Protecting your loved ones’ inheritances from the claims of spouses , creditors, lawsuits, and the IRS!
Frankly, we have not done our job unless you at least check out some additional, important planning options — that could wind up saving you and your loved ones millions of dollars .

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